Silicon Valley Red is the new Millennial Pink

Being a list of all the places I see this exact same shade of red, beginning with:

The Udemy Logo:

millennial red 2.JPG

Skillcrush accent color:

millennial red 3 skillcrush.JPG

New York Times pop-up banner:

millennial red 1.JPG

WP Theme Roundups Banner:

millennial red.JPG

Funds for Writers Logo, a slightly lighter shade:

millennial red 9.5.18 (2)

Jill Lynn’s logo, a slightly darker shade:

millennial red 9.5.18

Power to fly logo:
Fancybox mixing it up with the sky blue background:

*This list updated as of Dec. 2018. Stay tuned for more sightings of this specific shade of magenta-fuschia-blood-orange.