A reflection after one month of LC101

It was Friday of Week Four of LC101 and I had some thoughts.

Although I was keeping up with the readings and exercises (all in the service of teaching us loops, iteration, and appending to an empty class), classes still left me with the feeling that coding just wasn’t coming to me like it was for my classmates. (I’ve written about this impression before, here.)

So, being the kind of person who enjoys typing up my thoughts and putting them out to the interwebs, I sent an email to our Candidate Engagement Manager (she’s more or less the General Manager of our LC101 cohort). Here’s what I said:

I’m wordy when I’m trying to have an opinion.


Guys, the response I got was so positive I just had to share.

The General Manager emailed me back within minutes with a simple, “Thanks for the feedback!” She must have passed the email on to our lecturer because another few minutes later my phoned dinged with a Slack message from him.

He was so very gracious, thanking me for sending the message and acknowledging that he had worried about boring people. I get that — I definitely don’t envy the job of trying to teach to a group of 130 people with a huge diversity of previous coding experience.

In my small group alone, there’s a woman who already works as a programmer (but for DST, where they use the very old COBOL language) and a man who has several degrees, at least one of which is in physics. Then there’s me, the music-major-turned-English-major-turned-self-taught-marketer and I’m like ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ I can write blog posts?

The lectures this week have been much more participation-based and also included more live coding, which has been awesome.

At this point, now five weeks in, I still need a whole lot of scaffolding to code, so getting a bit more guidance in lectures and seeing how an expert approaches these problems– it’s an invaluable part of learning this stuff.

The whole experience has driven home to me that LaunchCode is an awesome organization. Coding is hard (for me) and can be fairly dry (to me) and I may not have stuck with it if the people in charge weren’t so warm and generous.

Unit 2 starts in a just a couple weeks (wow). I’m planning on posting a couple of guides to Unit 1 before then. Stay tuned!