Thoughts from Before and After Bone Bender 2018

Before the Bender

Tomorrow marks the return of the Bone Bender Mountain Bike Challenge. Originally scheduled for July, this endurance event was moved to September because no one wanted to bike 45 miles in the heat of a Kansas mid-Summer.

I don’t particularly want to bike 45 miles in any sort of weather, so I’m slated for the 23-mile tour.

The race takes place at 9 a.m. tomorrow at Lake Perry — I signed up partly just for the opportunity to check another trail off the Earthriders’ list.

I didn’t do any research into the trail beforehand, and now I’m having some thoughts. Thoughts like:

1. Maybe I shouldn’t do this.

Lake Perry is an hour away … and I have homework … I could go to Trader Joe’s … I could sleep in and finish the first episode of Sharp Objects (all hail Gillian Flynn) …

These are Comfort Zone Thoughts and we all have them. Could be before a networking event, a women’s coding night, or a mountain bike race. Beds are never as comfortable, chores never as appealing, boyfriends never as pillowy as when it’s time to go do something that is beyond the norm.

I’ve found that the thing to remember when I’d rather laze than do something challenging is — eh, either way nothing matters that much so eh.

2. I might actually die?

The night before a race is perhaps not the best moment to research the trail for the first time? Especially when you encounter such descriptions as “many rocky steep sections” and “this 2.5-mile section has several steep switchbacks” and “includes lots of rocky off-camber terrain” (Trail Forks).

Will I die? Probably not. Will I walk so many of these sections that I don’t finish my race until dinnertime? More likely.

The SingleTrack Mind enduro included just about 12 miles all told, transitions plus stages. It took me almost six hours.

Bone Bender includes twice as much mileage — how long could it possibly take? Do I want to find out??

3. Update: After thoughts

I didn’t go *sad trumpet sound*

I did homework instead, like a boob.

Main thought post Bone Bender: I wish I went.