2018 Dirt Summit Recap

Like any great mountain biking meetup, the 2018 Women’s Dirt Summit was a party in the woods. (Ask many locals, it’s the annual Kansas City mountain bike party in the woods.)

It was also: a chance for beginners to get on some swank bikes (courtesy of the local Trek demo fleet), for veteran riders to cap successful seasons, a showcase of KC’s thriving local bike shops and bike-adjacent artisans, and for everyone to bond over Bundt cakes and a shared love for these rocky trails of ours.

It was a nippy 14 degrees the morning of Nov. 10 with the sun shining through a few high clouds and leaves covering the frozen ground. Perfect winter conditions, in other words, for the 130 women riders who arrived at Swope Park for a newly-expanded Dirt Summit following a week of dreary conditions.

Group rides are my favorite part of Dirt Summit.

Building on the successful format of previous years’ free childcare, supported group rides, bike demos, and pizza, this Dirt Summit also featured a new full-day schedule, vendor village, and a visit from professional mountain biker and (as she says) average human, Syd Schulz.

Having done my best to experience all that the day had to offer, here’s my recap of Dirt Summit 2018 — both the good and the rad.

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